Senior Pastor

Jim Howard

Brother Jim and his wife, Linda, have ministered here at West Side since 1989.  Both grew up in the Atlanta area and are well known and respected in our community.  Their love for the Lord is seen in their love for the people of this church, their concern for those in need and their zeal for missions. 

Minister of Music

Paul Cothren

Paul and his wife, Loretta, are currently ministering in the area of music.  Paul leads our praise and worship, while Loretta operates the sound booth.   Their years of faithful service to the Lord here at West Side are an example to us all. 

Youth Ministers

Paul & Lori James

Paul & Lori grew up here at West Side and are now working with our youth group.  They have a heart for service whenever and where ever they are needed.  

Children's Minister

Darrin & Deborah Crenshaw

Darrin & Deborah conduct Children's Church on Sunday mornings and also Wednesday evenings.  Deborah works with the Bible Driller's as well.